Built in 1930, the Riverside (IL) Public Library is Landmark Number One in the Village of Riverside, which is itself a National Landmark. The Village was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, whose most famous work is Central Park in New York City.

The library's classic stone and wood design elements create an elegant space for reading, writing -- and the Riverside Writer's Workshop.

  • Six weekly evening sessions, 7 PM to 8:30 PM;
  • Short stories, novels, non-fiction, memoir;
  • There is no fee for the Workshop, but their is a $10 materials fee;
  • The workshop discussions will be low-key, collegial and encouraging -- but you'll still receive important feedback on your writing.

For more information on the workshop scheduling, and the library, email Dorothy Sikora at the Library.

< sikorad@riversidelibrary.org >

We look forward to working with you. Until then -- keep writing!

Riverside Public Library
Riverside, Illinois